Emergency Services Brochures

King County 2-1-1 offers downloadable brochures to help connect people with the most critical services in King County. Brochures are updated at least three times per year and often more frequently. The date of the last update is printed on the front of the brochure.

The status of funding, services, hours of operation, etc. for social service agencies is constantly changing. We advise users to check our website often in order to ensure your agency is distributing the most recent version of these brochures, or you can subscribe to our mailing list below to receive the latest brochures.

To view or download the brochures you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Emergency Shelters

This brochure lists emergency shelters, urban campsites and safe parking programs in King County for single women, single men, couples, families with children, youth and young adults, and for survivors of domestic violence in need of a confidential location for their safety. Anyone who is literally homeless and who is seeking housing resources should call 2-1-1 to be screened for an assessment with Coordinated Entry for All (CEA). CEA is a county-wide program that ensures that people experiencing homelessness are able to get help finding stable housing. This brochure includes additional information about CEA, as well as a list of shelters and other emergency housing resources in King County that are not accessed exclusively through the CEA program.
Seattle/King County Emergency Shelters, March 2018 pdf

Emergency Services

These brochures contain information on basic emergency services for those persons residing in various parts of the county. The South King County and East & North King County brochures also include their region’s medical and dental resources.
Seattle Support Services, May 2018 pdf
South King County Emergency Services, May 2018 pdf
East and North King County Emergency Services, May 2018 pdf

Medical Services in Seattle

This brochure lists medical and dental resources throughout Seattle. It is for people on Medicaid and those who are under-insured or uninsured. It lists medical and dental clinics that accept Medicaid, employ sliding fee scale, or are low-cost/free.
Seattle Health Services, March 2018 pdf

Reentry Assistance

This packet lists agencies throughout King County that have programs that work with, or specifically will accept, individuals with a history of incarceration. The packet includes resources for housing, employment, and chemical dependency, as well as other support services.
Reentry Assistance Packet June 2018


If you're looking for transitional housing resources, this link to King County 2-1-1's online database will provide you with a list of available programs.

For low-income housing resources, try HousingSearchNW.org.


This brochure lists food resources throughout Seattle.
Seattle Food, June 2018 pdf