How to Update 2-1-1

How Community Agencies Can Update King County 2-1-1 in the Event of a Disaster or Severe Weather Emergency

During or following a disaster or severe weather event, please contact our King County 2-1-1 Disaster Resource Update Line at 206-436-2992 to update your status. This is a 24-hour voicemail box that will be checked frequently during and following an event. You may also email us at  Please leave us the following information:

  • Agency and program name
  • Agency contact person and the best way to reach that person
  • Current status of agency and program—hours of operation, changes to ability to serve clients, etc.
  • If your status changes again during or following the event, such as when the agency returns to normal service status, please contact this number again to update us

Please designate someone to notify us if your service or building is closed. That person should have our contact information at home in case your office is not accessible. Whether or not your agency provides disaster-related services or basic needs, such as food or shelter, callers to 2-1-1 may still request information about your status.

Please also notify us if your service status remains unchanged. 2-1-1 callers may request information about your hours of operation and ability to provide service, even if your service is not directly related to the disaster or severe weather event.

The Disaster Resource Update Line and email will only be checked during or following a disaster or severe weather event.

Individuals and agency personnel seeking resources during a disaster will be directed to call 2-1-1, as we are not able to accept Information and Referral calls on the emergency voicemail and we do not provide services via email.

Helpful Tip: If you are able to update your voicemail greeting, please change it to alert callers to your current status following a disaster or severe weather event. If you are able to update the greeting remotely, please designate someone to do this in the event of a building or service closure. It is helpful to update your voicemail greeting even if your status remains unchanged so that callers know whether to keep trying to reach you.