Civil Legal Services

King County 2-1-1 is the designated screening and entry point to agencies providing civil legal assistance and the most effective way for you to be linked to an agency that may be able to help. Each legal provider focuses on specific types of cases and 2-1-1 has been provided with that information in order to determine the most appropriate referrals for each caller. Since many agencies participating in the program do not accept calls directly, contacting King County 2-1-1 is your best option.

There are many agencies that provide free or low-cost assistance. When you call King County 2-1-1, we will talk with you about your issue and either provide you with referral information or refer your case to an agency that will contact you directly.

We provide assistance on legal issues such as:

  • Housing—eviction and tenant/landlord concerns, mortgage foreclosure
  • Employment—discrimination, employment disputes, L&I-workers compensation, unemployment benefits
  • Immigration—work authorization, naturalization, deportation, citizenship, trafficking
  • Family Issues—child custody and/or support, divorce, domestic violence, protection orders, guardianship
  • Consumer and Business—bankruptcy, debt collection, merchant or purchase dispute, payday loans, consumer scams
  • Public Benefits—denial or problems with SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, TANF, Disability Lifeline or other state or federal benefit programs
  • Civil Rights—discrimination related to education, HIV, housing or general civil rights
  • Wills and Estates—power of attorney, probate, guardianship, estate planning
  • Criminal—victim’s assistance, general criminal issues
  • Youth and Education—school issues including suspension, expulsion, truancy, enrollment and special education,  emancipation
  • Other Issues—driver’s license restoration, sealing or vacating criminal records, vehicle impoundment, mediation, identification, licensing and permits