2-1-1 Community Resources Online

2-1-1 Community Resources Online (CRO) is the most up-to-date and comprehensive database of health and human services available for all of Washington State. The King County 2-1-1 section lists more than 5,000 services and 1,500 agencies. Using CRO is an efficient and effective way to find resources. Find services on CRO.

If you have difficulty finding the services you are looking for, call one of our Information & Referral Specialists at King County 2-1-1 for assistance. It is best to call us if your need relates to rent, move-in, utilities or legal assistance as we conduct a preliminary eligibility screening and can provide more help. Families seeking shelter or housing must call King County 2-1-1 to be screened for an assessment for the housing wait list.

How do I add my agency to the King County 2-1-1 database?

  • Read the Inclusion/Exclusion Policy (pdf)
  • Complete the Agency Application (pdf or Word) and a Service Application (pdf or Word) for each service at each site where you offer services and return it to us. Resource Center staff will review your applications and follow up with you.

King County 2-1-1 adheres to the Alliance of Information and Referral System’s (AIRS) standards for information and referral organizations. In order to structure information that is consistent, accessible and user-friendly, we collect the same type of information from every agency. All information in our database is classified according to the AIRS Taxonomy of Health and Human Services. Visit www.211taxonomy.org for more information.