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Staff and Volunteer Responsibilities in a Disaster

The safety of staff and volunteers during a disaster or emergency is the primary concern of Crisis Clinic. Staff and volunteers are expected to report for duty following a disaster or other emergency. Staff and volunteers should call their supervisor as soon as possible after becoming aware that an emergency situation exists to let us know your status and to receive instruction as to when you are needed. Staff reporting to work during a disaster should be prepared to work longer shifts and to bring food and medications with you. The highest priorities for continuing operations are for the 24-Hour Crisis Line and 2-1-1 staff; however, all staff are required to report on their availability for work.

Out of Area Contact for Crisis Clinic

In the event of a major disaster where there is reason to believe that Crisis Clinic’s facility is damaged and phone services may not be operable, Crisis Clinic has an arrangement with United Way of America Link Line, operated by the UW in SE Michigan, to take calls from staff and volunteers about their availability to report to work, and to transmit information about the operational status of the 24-Hour Crisis Line and 2-1-1. The phone number, which is also printed on the staff phone book, is 1-877-892-5465. Call that number to receive information and to leave a message about your status.